What is Rails Event Store Conference?

Explore success stories, best practices to follow and pitfalls to avoid from Rails Event Store practitioners.

Learn how to gradually introduce Domain Driven Design building blocks into your system with help of Rails Event Store.

Discover a whole ecosystem of solutions and the people behind them.

Rails Event Store conference is a set of 3 different events:
  • Day 1 (4.10): DDD with Rails & Rails Event Store - a workshop for developers who wants to learn more about Domain Driven Design, Event Sourcing and how to apply those techniques in Rails applications with help of RES
  • Day 2 (5.10): Main event. A conference where Arkency team members & invited guests will share experience from using RES in productions systems.
  • Day 3 (6.10): Hackathon, improving RES, confronting ideas (free attendance, registration required)



Thursday (4.10) / Workshop

10:00—18:00 DDD with Rails & Rails Event Store by Arkency (20 participants)
  • Foundations of DDD
    • strategic & tactical patterns
    • modelling techniques
  • Event driven applications
    • structure of domain events
    • versioning domain events
    • publishing events
    • subscribing to events
  • Read models
    • replaying read models
    • using RES projections
  • Process managers

Friday (5.10) / Conference

10:00—11:30 The vision behind Rails, DDD and the RailsEventStore ecosystem - Andrzej Krzywda
12:00—13:00 Sending Messages Into The Future - Szymon Pobiega
13:00—15:00 Lunch break
15:00—16:00 Introducing DDD/ES with RES In Legacy Systems - Mirosław Pragłowski & Paweł Pacana 
16:30—18:30 Event Sourcing With Rails Event Store
19:00— ...      Dinner and start of the unconference

Saturday (6.10) / Hackathon

10:00—16:00 Hackathon, improving RES, confronting ideas (free attendance, registration required)



Business Link Wrocław - Green2 Day
Szczytnicka 11, 50-382 Wrocław

Really can't attend?

It's not the same real-life experience, but if you're interested in those topics, see our Domain-driven Rails offer, consisting of a book, videos, exercises, repo, community access.